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: Suspend your disbelief! We develop default dispositions to certain things which make us disbelieve things that we know nothing about. If this is true, then there is reason to look closer at how we may be missing out!

Our upbringing normally does not make any formal reference to our belief system although this disposition becomes a major factor in what determines our life. To examine our belief system with a view to making changes can be one of the most important stages in our transformation.

  • What is Belief?
  • How Does it come about?
  • Are our beliefs True?
  • Has our Belief been tampered with?
  • Does it matter?
  • When did we last Review them?
  • How do they affect the outcome of our lives?
  • How do we heal belief?
  • What happens when we Heal Belief?
  • Belief in Ourselves
  • Taking Time Out

What is Belief?

Our belief is our enshrined attitude or disposition in regard of a view, suggestion, proposal which crystallises into our version of the truth. From this moment of registration of our personal position, without actually realising, we are laying down a template of expectation, manifesting the belief that we have taken on and imposed an automatic filter that will reflect, deny or dispel anything that does not conform to this belief. Our belief has not necessarily been checked or researched for validation in the first place, nor is it periodically reviewed for accuracy or truth. Despite the casual way that beliefs are taken on, they govern our lives, our dealings with others and most importantly false beliefs can totally limit our abundance, health and happiness.

Not to be taken lightly then, wouldn’t you say?!

How does belief come about?

We take on our beliefs via a casual osmosis whereby our stance on a topic is aborbed, usually when we are younger than the age of reason. In our love, respect, naivety, loyalty, or obedience as children, we import truths, formerly, informerly, accidentally or even erroneously. This may be in formal education or parental instruction. It could be from friends, societies and certainly from religions. The most unfortunate occurance is when we take on invalid conclusions or assumptions  when we take on blame from a drama or expectation which is not appropriate, likely or intended. These situations can leave in place an emotional scar which limits our aspirations and happiness.

Not something we would want!?

Are our beliefs True?

This is a very salient question with a probable whole range of answers. Because of our inherent trust of the parent, person or institution we are prepared to take on verdicts of veracity based on our trust of the source. This means that if the source is mal-informed, partly informed or plain out to deceive you, then an incomplete truth or total falsity can come on board. There is hardly ever a validation process or a periodic review or update. What is more, we measure our position against the societal norm, published history and media material, again giving them credit for a degree of truth, knowledge and decency which they do not always deserve. It’s safe to assume that some of our beliefs are flawed and if they have a limiting capacity then this is a serious detraction from our life’s potential.


Having read this far, do you have a sense that you may have a cuckoo in your nest, taking your energy and restricting your direction?

Has our belief been tampered with?

Just notice how your belief reacts to this question. Are you saying “Of course not, how could that be, who would do such a thing?” And this takes us into the nitty gritty of this subject. Some propositions just sound so ridiculous that there is a resounding “Don’t be so daft” or stronger. The irony is that our strongest denials may be hampering our most needed growth. Now we are not talking about a child drawing false conclusions about themselves here as a result of a parental outburst, wrongly denigrating the child’s life potential, although that happens a lot. Having researched my book “Would You Believe It?!” I have no doubt that we have been seriously deceived for eons by insidious persons / entities. At the core of the matter, we humans are much more special than we realise. We have a DNA which gives us a potential well into the direction of divinity and there have been and are those who are jealous of this and want to limit or steal our bodily encoding. The origins are very ancient but the applications are within our history in terms of religion and government controlled by financial elite in conjunction with alien technologies.  Don’t dismiss this out of hand. It will be revealed as the truth before too long! Where this material is so subtle, we need to be aware that large resources have been applied to history, society and media to ridicule the idea that this is taking place. It’s part of our human evolution to finally realise that we have been wickedly deceived and taken advantage of in ways we would never have thought of. In case you still think this is bollocks, at least be open minded enough to admit there may be a possibility that it is true. You may not agree as you look further, but at least give yourself the opportunity to research the facts from new untarnished sources.

Does it matter?

Does it matter that your health, abundance, happiness, fulfilment, creativity …. Is being undermined at a time when you no longer have to lie down and accept it. The technical term for this is a “No-Brainer.” Even if there is only a slim chance this is true, why would you not check it out, in case the cover up of the crimes are as I’m suggesting. Its just too big a bonus to ignore, especially when you do not know for 100% sure that this is not the case. That is what the major perpetrators have been relying on; that you will not believe it! Also the more of us that use our intention to align ourselves with higher possibilities, the more the combined effect helps everyone else.

When did we last review beliefs?

In the normal course of events we don’t review our beliefs. We are not always aware that we have attitudes and dispositions in regard to the greater truth of life, whatever that may be. Of course we have plenty of occasions to challenge other people, should they propose something we don’t go for. If they challenge our point of view, then it’s quite likely we will argue the point and insist that our view is the only one and dismiss any suggestion to the contrary as being vacuous nonsense or, the usual one, conspiracy theory. Of course the conspiracy theory tag was generated by the controlling media to pour scorn and ridicule on alert and aware individuals or groups who have the courage and awareness to see the fraud and deceit that may be being perpetrated. It’s not until you get a massive outrage like the twin towers / 9/11 disaster that there is so much contrary evidence from many different credible sources that it has gradually become the norm, certainly in the USA with the majority of people believing that it was a false flag event. History is full of false flag events, like the Vietnam Gulf of Tonkin incident and Hitler’s burning of the Reichstag.  On EcoLifeWalks you will have an opportunity to review your beliefs and you will find them easily as we examine repeating events in your life that don’t serve you, realising that the emotional component of toxic beliefs is to manifest more of an equivalent thing to the dis-ease you are holding onto into the emotional body. At that stage there are ways to let it go and enhance the situations that you attract to yourself. You may not believe that. Religions have ensured that you may not. Prayer doesn’t work without the correct emotional component. Notice if you think this is bull-shit because this is the point I am labouring to get across. We carry serious blind spots about the main areas we need to heal!

How do they affect the outcome of our lives?

We have a magnificent guidance system built in and it does not lie! The only problem is, we are not given the user manual at birth and the education systems don’t usually tell us. Western Religions, absolutely avoid this vital truth, thanks to the canonical deception created by the Council of Nicaea, 325AD, ensuring centuries of ignorance and helplessness for the sheeple, controlled by impostor shepherds with fish hats and full supporting regalia. At the top of the truth pyramid, sat the dictator Pope (with Jesuit hit squad support) embodying invested totality of wisdom and absolute infallibility. A lot of decent people have been loyal to the churches and good work has been done, but the highest echelons do not have the spiritual advancement of mankind as their prime focus. For most people this will be a totally unacceptable claim, on a par with flying saucers. Remember, there are huge benefits for you, if you can see through the deception and feel your way forward!

How do we heal belief?

It stands to reason if toxic beliefs are effecting your happiness and you don’t do anything about it, not only will you not have what you want in life, but the stuff you are complaining about will get worse. That is what is supposed to happen. We will show you that there is a quantum relationship between emotions, DNA and the nature of events, money, people, luck, health that comes into your life. Ignore this fact at your peril! There are “scientific” proofs but the best proof is the one that you give to yourself once you realise that the vibrational tone of your feeling system is the infallible guide to becoming who you really are. What is called the Higher or Authentic self is the part that is connected to source although there is a veil, perpetrated by ne’er-do-wells that stops most people from knowing or remembering who they were before they came here and what they came to do. Again this may challenge your belief system  as mainstream information doesn’t tell you this and the concept of re-incarnation may seem a bit new age woo-woo? If you feel repeatedly stuck, unhappy, angry, and all the undesirable states, then it is very likely this is caused by the belief system hanging onto a negative emotional pattern which is, in turn, manifesting more of the same. The system is trying to help you, hoping you have woken up to realising that your feeling system is an indicator of where you are in relation to your higher self and where you are currently stuck. We need to become aware that an uncomfortable emotional feeling, (if you can feel at all!?) is telling us that we are far from being in the energy space of our higher self. AT that stage there are exercises and techniques that can address the stuck emotion, once we have access to it. The beauty is, it may have been decades since you did it to yourself, but once we get into feeling the discomfort, we can alleviate the situation and heal the belief, like we’ve been doing at EcoLifeWalks for the last 5 years and how I have done on Quantum Healing Courses prior to that.

Belief in Ourselves

The same applies to how we feel about ourselves. Early in life, particularly, there will have been plenty of opportunity to come to a false conclusion about our prospects, potential or just plain whether we are a good person. If someone we respect may have had a bad day, and voiced that we may fall short of a joyous life, then that pronouncement, from someone who knows, can stay in place and effectively undermine the belief and expectation of our life journey.

What happens when we Heal Belief?

The impact of healing a toxic belief is very profound. There can be an instant feeling of release and exultation as we ALLOW the energy to dissipate via the techniques you choose for yourself. This in itself is very powerful proof, especially when we now realise that the feeling system is an ever present and infallible guide. To feel a sudden and distinct improvement in how we feel, for example moving from something like hopelessness to excitement, cannot be ignored as a noticeable change. But this is only the beginning because when we allow a release of the negative stuff we are inadvertently holding, it is as though we get the keys to the control centre of our manifestation machine. We have been manifesting our lives already. It’s just that we haven’t liked what we have been bringing about and had no idea it was us that was doing it. So once we realise that we are natural manifestors and just need to modify the settings of what we want to do, be or have, then life becomes VERY EXCITING!!

Taking Time Out

It helps if we are not totally embroiled in the system of goals, schedules, transactions built around the fear holding onto what we have achieved. Especially now that technologies bring transactions into every hour of our day, our minds are totally pre-occupied by thoughts pertaining to business and personal objectives, as though there is no other way of achieving them but by allowing our consciousness to be dominated during all our waking time. This is why retreats and escapes became popular. I know because I’ve run holistic holidays since 1999 and seen things like yoga holidays become the de facto stress buster. Of course, healing is not the same as a respite. It’s good to get away from a busy and challenging environment and an escape to the sun is very therapeutic. I’ve seen scores of clients come back regularly to recuperate; have their fix of yoga, beach and fun, only to return to the same treadmill. An escape is fine but unless you use that time to consider making changes to the way you live your life, it’s never going to change substantially. Check out EcoLifeWalks

Recommended Reading Material

For a scientific / medical explanation on how belief affects the changes of your DNA and life creation please read the seminal work by Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief